Friday, May 21, 2004

Acno's Energizer

I found myself extremely bored at work, so I decided to go to and check out what they had to offer. I immediately checked out the section where it pretty much gives you all the best rated games from that site. I checked out Acno's Energizer. I would describe this game as a strategic puzzle game along with some fun Pac-Man-like graphics and characters. This game features a little yellow character that has to push these radioactive canisters into a compartment that makes them disappear. The key to doing this correctly is that you can't pull or pick up these radioactive canisters. You can only push these things into the compartment. On some levels, you have to go up against little flying bees and the only way to kill them is with a rock. Mind you, this games is basically seen from overhead like Pac-Man. Throughout the whole game you must strategize on how you can get these radioactive canisters into the correct places without getting blown up by the canisters themselves, the bees, beatles, and rocks. It gets trickier as you get to the higher levels. This game is definitely addicting in my opinion and I would recommend it to anyone who is bored out of their mind at work. :)


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