Friday, May 28, 2004


What the hell was Coleco thinking when they decided to get into the video game business?! Also, they were the biggest company to make above-ground pools in the 1960s, much less a leather company? I find this all to be quite hilarious. I'm sure the common public was stunned when they actually started putting out the ColecoVision in 1982. I wonder who they hired to put together this system. They is no way that they got some random leather expert/pool maintenance guy to work on a brand new state-of-the-art video game system! But I can also understand why they wanted to license arcade games and use it on their system, probably because they had no idea how to make new games that were somewhat original. Then they decided to take the bold step of using an add-on that could translate Atari 2600 games over to ColecoVision. What were they thinking?? They had an excellently powered system that was nothing like any of the other systems out there during the early 80's. It seems like they lofty dreams of making it big; they did for a short period of time, but couldn't continue their success just with a good system. Games had to be made! They couldn't just constantly steal/license games from other companies. The point is, they made an impact on the games/consoles that we play on today, and each of these companies took big steps to improve technology that was sometimes not even there. So, my applause ColecoVision, even though you were once a leather company.


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