Thursday, May 13, 2004

Nolan Bushnell

As the “Father of the Industry”, Nolan Bushnell couldn’t have been outdone by anyone else. I find Nolan to be very charismatic and inspiring based on the readings in The Ultimate History of Video Games. Ever since the early age of 15 he had to take over his father’s $16 billion business in carpentry. He had to work from the very beginning and truly realize what it’s like to work hard and support a company, much less support himself. I really liked how the book mentioned that he played tricks on other guys in college, such as the green spray paint disguised as deodorant spray. Sounds like something I would’ve done freshman year. I can really identify with Nolan in his theories about constantly changing. He said, “A bright person should be able to fundamentally master any discipline in three years – mastery meaning to hit the 90-percentile level”. What is really interesting is that the last 10 percent must be made of a lifetime worth of study and research. I think that if we all had this kind of drive in life, many many good things would come about. Constantly striving for perfection can be a great thing! “The way to have an interesting life is to stay on the steep part of the learning curve.” –Bushnell. It couldn’t have been said any better.


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