Thursday, June 10, 2004

Video Game Violence

I remember the first time that I heard about Mortal Kombat when I younger. I think it came out when I was in middle school and everyone of my friends seemed to know about it. I was a pretty average video game player at the time and it just seemed like such a phenomenon; a game that actually had blood in it! Not just blood, but guys fighting each other and ripping out their hearts or making their heads explode into a gory mess. What teenage boy wouldn't love this game! I knew that there were some loser kids out there that couldn't play the game because of their parents. I think that my parents just trusted my older brother when he would rent the game. I remember being that young and trying to rent Mortal Kombat or something that was as bloody as that, and the people at Blockbuster wouldn't let me. For some reason they were very hardcore to any kids that wanted to rent that game. Of course that really pissed me off about that at the time, but I found ways around it. As a kid, I didn't believe in any of that hype surrounding the game. Sure, it was pretty gruesome, but I was brought up watching that kind of stuff and just became desensitized from it earlier on. I watched Bloodsport, Predator, all the Rambo movies, etc. I was used to it. But, for some reason it was a "horrible" for kids to get their little hands on these games. I guess now I can see some of the point in this, but I honestly think it all comes down to how you were raised and the kind of people that are around you. Obviously, this is not a black and white picture. People will be debating for years on what causes violence. Good luck with all that!

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Nintendo never really did it for me...

However, I must admit. Nintendo had some pretty cool games out there, but it never really impressed me. Of course it was cool to play it as a kid, but as I grew older the games seemed to get more juvenile.
We started off with the Nintendo Entertainment System when I was about 7; nothing too uncommon in most middle-class white families. I grew up playing Mario Brothers, ExciteBike, Paperboy (my favorite), among many others. But, these were all kid games that were classic but lost their pizzazz later on. Now that Ethan has mentioned it, I did notice how much different the Nintendo box was compared to most other machines at the time. It was targeted towards little kids; it had rounded edges, bright colors, and most of the games had cartoon-like characters. The NES was the last gaming system that we bought from Nintendo. I was never really attracted to the Super NES or the Nintendo Ultra 64. They basically used the same type of games and just made the grpahics a little bit better. Obviously their target market was still aimed towards the kids and I just wasn't liking the new games that were coming out. The Sega Genesis just seemed to have all the cool games, games with death and destruction; not weird plumber dudes that ate mushrooms. I guess I looked at it like this: if I wanted to watch cartoons I could, but I was just tired of playing those "cartoons". And that's when Genesis came...

Monday, June 07, 2004

The Garvey History of Sega

The Sega name has been synonymous with the Garvey name ever since the mid 80s. That's about as far back as I can remember. I can hardly even remember the Master System, but I remember that it was an Atari looking device that had games that were decent. I guess my brother would know more about it. What I can remember most is having the Sega Genesis system. That thing was like my best friend; mind you it was my brother's, but I liked it that much. I remember the game that came with it. Altered Beast was the game and it was pretty awesome. I guess my brother and I always were outcasts in a sense and that's probably why we bought that system. It was the different video game system. Nintendo was pretty lame at this point, and the Genesis was the new bad ass system. The game that I probably enjoyed most was Desert Strike. This game had so many options and so many levels that you could virtually play it all day! There weren't many games that I enjoyed that much out there, but this was one of them. I remember the little quirks that the Genesis had. As the system got older, it would freeze up and just wig out. Through our young and creative minds, we figured out that we could just through the system in the kitchen freezer for about 20 minutes, then it would go on for a long time! It worked! I guess that explains how hardcore we really were with the Genesis. Ah...too many good times were had with the Genesis.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Computer Role Playing Games???

What's the deeeeeeeal with Computer Role Playing Games? Or shall I say CRPG? No offense to anyone, but this stuff just seems a bit too geeky for me. It really reminds me of my middle-school-geekwad brother when I was younger. I was about 7 and he was about 13. He was always into that kind of stuff...role playing and fantasy. Don't get me wrong, I played a few Maniac Mansion games in my time, but I wasn't engulfed in the lifestlye of it. My brother LOVED those kinds of games though. Dungeons and Dragons, Castlevania, Maniac Mansion, etc. I guess it wasn't anything that could really hold my attention span when I was 7 yrs old, but what could? I was into the type of games like Ghostbusters, Punch-Out, Paperboy, etc. Things that mirrored my life at the time and worked much better for me. I guess Punch-Out wouldn't really be similar to my life. I may have used some moves on my brother once or twice. :) I just don't find it that exciting to make stupid decisions so a character can walk in a certain direction or do something as mundane as that. I guess now I can see it from my brother's point of view, though. He didn't exactly fit in at school, so he relied on fantasy worlds and role playing games to suffice for it. But, to this day I don't have any desire to play any kind of role playing game at all...INCLUDING Magic...ugh!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004


I find it hard to believe that Atari became cocky after their appearance with several good games throughout the late 70s and early 80s. I know that PONG was such an enormous break through, but c'mon! I guess at the time, PONG was something to be cocky about, but who knows! Atari had competition almost from the very beginning, and I'm sure that they knew that cockiness can lead to downfall, but I guess that things were looking so incredibly good for them, they just kept on doing the same old stuff. I know that Channel F and RCA's little ditty were pieces of crap, but I wonder how they felt when ColecoVision came out? ColecoVision, an above-ground pool manufacturer, came out of nowhere with a damn good system featuring the classic "Donkey Kong." Atari had to scrap some parts together, but was too late. The video game crash began and apparently there were too many systems out there. I always thought that the more companies out there that go for the same thing makes competition good and better systems get made. Today, it's up to Sony, Microsoft, and the struggling Nintendo to create these new systems. I wonder if Nintendo will make it another 5 years after this next system comes out?