Tuesday, June 01, 2004


I find it hard to believe that Atari became cocky after their appearance with several good games throughout the late 70s and early 80s. I know that PONG was such an enormous break through, but c'mon! I guess at the time, PONG was something to be cocky about, but who knows! Atari had competition almost from the very beginning, and I'm sure that they knew that cockiness can lead to downfall, but I guess that things were looking so incredibly good for them, they just kept on doing the same old stuff. I know that Channel F and RCA's little ditty were pieces of crap, but I wonder how they felt when ColecoVision came out? ColecoVision, an above-ground pool manufacturer, came out of nowhere with a damn good system featuring the classic "Donkey Kong." Atari had to scrap some parts together, but was too late. The video game crash began and apparently there were too many systems out there. I always thought that the more companies out there that go for the same thing makes competition good and better systems get made. Today, it's up to Sony, Microsoft, and the struggling Nintendo to create these new systems. I wonder if Nintendo will make it another 5 years after this next system comes out?


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