Thursday, June 03, 2004

Computer Role Playing Games???

What's the deeeeeeeal with Computer Role Playing Games? Or shall I say CRPG? No offense to anyone, but this stuff just seems a bit too geeky for me. It really reminds me of my middle-school-geekwad brother when I was younger. I was about 7 and he was about 13. He was always into that kind of stuff...role playing and fantasy. Don't get me wrong, I played a few Maniac Mansion games in my time, but I wasn't engulfed in the lifestlye of it. My brother LOVED those kinds of games though. Dungeons and Dragons, Castlevania, Maniac Mansion, etc. I guess it wasn't anything that could really hold my attention span when I was 7 yrs old, but what could? I was into the type of games like Ghostbusters, Punch-Out, Paperboy, etc. Things that mirrored my life at the time and worked much better for me. I guess Punch-Out wouldn't really be similar to my life. I may have used some moves on my brother once or twice. :) I just don't find it that exciting to make stupid decisions so a character can walk in a certain direction or do something as mundane as that. I guess now I can see it from my brother's point of view, though. He didn't exactly fit in at school, so he relied on fantasy worlds and role playing games to suffice for it. But, to this day I don't have any desire to play any kind of role playing game at all...INCLUDING Magic...ugh!


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