Monday, June 07, 2004

The Garvey History of Sega

The Sega name has been synonymous with the Garvey name ever since the mid 80s. That's about as far back as I can remember. I can hardly even remember the Master System, but I remember that it was an Atari looking device that had games that were decent. I guess my brother would know more about it. What I can remember most is having the Sega Genesis system. That thing was like my best friend; mind you it was my brother's, but I liked it that much. I remember the game that came with it. Altered Beast was the game and it was pretty awesome. I guess my brother and I always were outcasts in a sense and that's probably why we bought that system. It was the different video game system. Nintendo was pretty lame at this point, and the Genesis was the new bad ass system. The game that I probably enjoyed most was Desert Strike. This game had so many options and so many levels that you could virtually play it all day! There weren't many games that I enjoyed that much out there, but this was one of them. I remember the little quirks that the Genesis had. As the system got older, it would freeze up and just wig out. Through our young and creative minds, we figured out that we could just through the system in the kitchen freezer for about 20 minutes, then it would go on for a long time! It worked! I guess that explains how hardcore we really were with the Genesis. Ah...too many good times were had with the Genesis.


Blogger Macky OlĂ© said...

Nice blog Nick. I also had a Master System and a Genesis. I used to love games like Alex Kid, Woderboy 2 and 3, Black Belt, Great Baseball, Spellcaster, Phantasy Star.

I remember how I almost shit myself when I saw how awesome the 16-bit graphics were on the genesis. My actual first run-in with 16-bit was a Turbograffix 16, but that system sucked in comparison to the mighty Genesis. It's hard to say what my fave game was. I really dug on Desert Strike too, but I thought Jungle strike was a little better. The original EA sports NHL games were very solid, as was the original MAdden. Anyway, go sega!

June 10, 2004 at 10:58 AM  

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