Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Nintendo never really did it for me...

However, I must admit. Nintendo had some pretty cool games out there, but it never really impressed me. Of course it was cool to play it as a kid, but as I grew older the games seemed to get more juvenile.
We started off with the Nintendo Entertainment System when I was about 7; nothing too uncommon in most middle-class white families. I grew up playing Mario Brothers, ExciteBike, Paperboy (my favorite), among many others. But, these were all kid games that were classic but lost their pizzazz later on. Now that Ethan has mentioned it, I did notice how much different the Nintendo box was compared to most other machines at the time. It was targeted towards little kids; it had rounded edges, bright colors, and most of the games had cartoon-like characters. The NES was the last gaming system that we bought from Nintendo. I was never really attracted to the Super NES or the Nintendo Ultra 64. They basically used the same type of games and just made the grpahics a little bit better. Obviously their target market was still aimed towards the kids and I just wasn't liking the new games that were coming out. The Sega Genesis just seemed to have all the cool games, games with death and destruction; not weird plumber dudes that ate mushrooms. I guess I looked at it like this: if I wanted to watch cartoons I could, but I was just tired of playing those "cartoons". And that's when Genesis came...


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