Thursday, June 10, 2004

Video Game Violence

I remember the first time that I heard about Mortal Kombat when I younger. I think it came out when I was in middle school and everyone of my friends seemed to know about it. I was a pretty average video game player at the time and it just seemed like such a phenomenon; a game that actually had blood in it! Not just blood, but guys fighting each other and ripping out their hearts or making their heads explode into a gory mess. What teenage boy wouldn't love this game! I knew that there were some loser kids out there that couldn't play the game because of their parents. I think that my parents just trusted my older brother when he would rent the game. I remember being that young and trying to rent Mortal Kombat or something that was as bloody as that, and the people at Blockbuster wouldn't let me. For some reason they were very hardcore to any kids that wanted to rent that game. Of course that really pissed me off about that at the time, but I found ways around it. As a kid, I didn't believe in any of that hype surrounding the game. Sure, it was pretty gruesome, but I was brought up watching that kind of stuff and just became desensitized from it earlier on. I watched Bloodsport, Predator, all the Rambo movies, etc. I was used to it. But, for some reason it was a "horrible" for kids to get their little hands on these games. I guess now I can see some of the point in this, but I honestly think it all comes down to how you were raised and the kind of people that are around you. Obviously, this is not a black and white picture. People will be debating for years on what causes violence. Good luck with all that!


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